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One of the hardest tasks for a small or medium sized company is website designing and development. If a business has decided to offer its services online, then a well designed website is the key to success. Not only should it be designed well but also developed in a manner that it will be effective in maintaining old customers while also focusing on getting new customers.

Good news is that you do not have to worry any more about designing and developing your website for I am here to get this unique service done for you in a professional manner. For more than six years now, I have been doing website designing and development for different companies in Australia. Before getting to know about this unique service, learn of its scope.

The Scope of Website  Development and Designing

The scope of a web designer is guided in the production and maintenance of website. The basic role of a web designer is to create a website but most importantly to keep it active. In doing so, a web designer should possess relevant skills that will enable him to offer the services. Such are the skills I bring into play when doing website designing and development for different individuals and companies. The basic skills that you will enjoy when seeking my services are:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Interface Designing
  • User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Authoring using standardized code and proprietary software

These are just my basic skills that help me in designing a website. Of course, there is so much involved in this work that the skills have to be combined with different tools to make my services superior.

When you choose me to design and develop your website, you should expect the following out of my website development services:

  • Website which Converts Visitors into Customers

Business websites should have one single aim when hiring a website designer; to get someone who has the ability to convert the visitors of a website into customers.It’s also called as conversion optimisation. For the many years I have been offering this unique service, I have helped many web owners in converting their already existing visitors into customers. There are advanced techniques of converting traffic into leads that I have been using to help my customers get more customers in their websites. The trick of this lies in experience and undeniable expertise. You can have a popular website getting traffic but fail to get customers out of the ever flowing traffic. This is one of my areas of specialization and thus you can trust me to deliver the best service.

  • Immaculate Design

I have gathered enough experience in this field to offer an immaculate design for your website. Having studied the trend in website design and development, I design websites that have no error of any kind. Therefore, you can be sure that the launch of your website will not face any criticism. I have experience to know the requirements for an immaculate design and offer exactly that.

  • Proper Navigation

One mistake that most web developers have been making is to design a good website but with no proper navigation. Regardless of how good a website is, poor navigation will always impact negatively on the website’s traffic. A good website should be easy to navigate. No customer will waste his/her time in a website that is hard to navigate through. What I create is the kind of website where visitors will have a nice time in navigating through. As an addition to this navigation, I also create a mobile friendly website that will also lock in the huge number of mobile users. I create a unique website that can be navigated through comfortably by both mobile and computer users.

  • E-Commerce and Local Business Websites

Initially, many website owners were majorly involved in local businesses and thus most websites were tuned for local business. However, things have changed now with the trend of e-commerce taking charge of many websites. To adhere to this trend, I have sharpened my skills of designing websites to include e-commerce websites. Therefore, you can get both e-commerce and local business websites when seeking my services.

  • WordPress Websites Specialization

It is a fact that WordPress powers more than 24% of all the websites. It is without a doubt that I have specialized in creating WordPress websites.

  • Highly Ranked Website

I started my journey in website designing as a SEO expert. This has been my base for the many years of website development. As a SEO expert, I guarantee you that your website will be highly ranked in top search engines. As soon as I design and create a website for you, I fill it with SEO friendly keywords to put in on top of the search engines. Together with the assurance that I can convert your visitors into customers, you will definitely gain a lot when your website is on top of search engines.

  • Solid Foundation with Proper Coding

I will give your website a solid foundation with proper coding. I have mastered the concept of coding and work to provide your website with proper coding from the initial stages of website designing. I follow the principles of coding to keep your website properly coded.

  • Meaningful Graphics

As a principle to a successful website, the graphics have to be observed to keep the website active. Most internet users do not like to land on boring pages. A boring page is defined by low quality graphics in the website. To keep your customers coming back to your website, I will design a website with meaningful graphics.

  • Website Assessment

I regular assess all the websites that I have designed to see their performance. This is part of my website development services to ensure that all my clients get exactly what they pay for. I work hand in hand with the website owner to see forth the success of his/her website.

The Key Elements of an Effective Website Development

The above mentioned guarantees that I offer to my customers are based on the following principles of an effective website:

  • Appearance
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Website Usability
  • Search Engine Optimization.

These are the basic principles that guide me in making the best websites.

Who are my Targets?

My targets are the small and medium sized companies which want to expand their businesses to capture the ever growing online market. Though based in Melbourne, I offer my services to different clients all over Australia.

Make use of my unique website designing and development service to get your business to the next level.

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