Outdated SEO Strategies Which Gets Your Website Penalized by Google.

January 6, 2016

Outdated SEO Strategies

For over the years, Google has been changing strategies in ranking websites. Some of the strategies that website owners use thinking that will help then in getting higher ranking might be the leading cause of their penalization because those are now outdated SEO strategies. There are outdated strategies that can get your website to be penalized by Google instead of getting higher ranking. These outdated SEO strategies will be discussed here below.

Outdated SEO Strategies

  • Buying Links

One of the most outdated SEO strategies is buying of links. In the past, SEO experts used to buy links for websites to improve their ranking in Google. Gone are the days when Google was duped into ranking bought links high. Google views buying of link as an attempt to manipulate its ranking system and thus penalize any website that has bought links. To stay safe, create your own links instead of buying.

  • Duplicate Content

Another misleading SEO strategy that could get your website penalized is duplication of content. Previously, websites owners use to duplicate content just to ensure that the website is full of content. In duplicating content, some website owners used to slightly change the content and post in the same website as new content. This strategy used to work in the past but nowadays Google penalize websites with duplicate content. It is therefore an outdated SEO strategy that could get your website penalized by world’s top search engine, Google.

  • Stuffing Keywords in Content

Another outdated SEO strategy that could easily get your website penalized by Google is having a keyword-stuffed content. In the past, SEO experts used to take advantage of Google’s keyword ranking factor to stuff in keywords in content. It worked for some time before Google revised this factor. Nowadays, it is completely outrageous to stuff content with keywords. Google will penalize any website that uses this outdated SEO strategy.

  • Invisible Text

This is another outdated SEO strategy similar to keyword stuffing. The only difference is that this strategy involves placing the keywords at the bottom or on page footer. It was a nice strategy that worked to cheat Google ranking system until website started getting penalized for using this strategy.

  • Backlink Reliance

This is a SEO strategy used by sites with little or poor quality content. As a strategy, the site owner opts for sending backlinks to the site in the thousands. This is what we call over reliance on backlink. Google penalizes this strategy since it does not promote creation of high quality content.

  • Rented Links

This is one of the SEO strategies that some people still believe that it works. Well, the truth of the matter is that this is an outdated SEO strategy that could get your website penalized. Google consider this strategy as buying links and thus would penalize any site that rent links.

  • Spun Content

In the past, some lazy SEO experts use to spin content just to fill websites. It was easier to use the spinning software than to manually write the content. Google is now keen on penalizing any spun content. There are special tools used by Google to identify spun content. Therefore, using spun content to fill your website will lead to penalization.

  • Content Theft

One of the oldest SEO strategies by unscrupulous SEO agents was content theft. Stealing content was an issue with many websites. It was a bit difficult to know the original content. However, things have changed now and it is possible for Google to penalize a website that is involved in content theft.

  • Links from Sites in another Language

Another outdated SEO strategy that could get your website penalized is having inks from sites in another language. Even if you have a legitimate link from one of your clients in other countries, Google would still penalize if the language is not the same. According to Google’s ranking factors, linking should be in one language.

  • Overusing H1 Tags

Some SEO experts used to overuse H1 tags to optimize their websites. This strategy is however not viable in this era for Google penalizes any website that overuses H1 tags. Google penalizes this strategy because it is viewed as an attempt to pump Google’s listing with keywords.

  • Affiliate Links all over

Affiliate links are good for a website’s ranking. It is important to note that having affiliate links all over the place is an outdated SEO strategy that Google penalizes website for. It is therefore important to regulate the affiliate links in your website to avoid being penalized.

  • Overusing Meta keywords

SEO experts have been debating over the use of meta keywords as a way of promoting a website’s rank in Google. This strategy is only good is used in moderation. The old way of overusing meta keywords may lead to your website being penalized by Google.

  • Comment Spam

Commenting is important in promoting a website. However, caution should be taken to avoid comment spam lest Google slaps you with a penalty. Previously, comment spam would go through Google’s system but not anymore because Google is active in detecting comment spam.

  • Over optimization

The algorithm change that Google has undergone in the recent past has seen the strategy of over optimizing sites being a target penalty. Too much of a good thing is not recommended in Google and thus this strategy is an outdated SEO strategy.

  • Duplicate Metadata

There are some blogging tools and CSM platforms that create duplicate metadata by accident. Google does not penalize metadata on its own but rather penalizes websites that have duplicated metadata.

  • Targeted Keywords

There are some targeted keywords that were previously used by SEO experts to direct traffic to their websites. An example of such targeted keywords is “Payday loans’. This keyword can cause a website to be penalized.

The above mentioned are some of the commonly used SEO strategies which are outdated. They are not just outdated but also work to get your website penalized by Google. Now that you know of these outdated SEO strategies, try and avoid when building a SEO optimized website.