Different Methods Of Lead Generation & Their Benefits

May 31, 2017

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Lead Generation By Traditional Marketing

Marketing is an important tool of any business. Any business needs to put up a good marketing strategy in order to increase their sales. Even after marketing, businesses have to go on persuading potential customers. Lead generation is the process in which potential customer’s interest or inquiry unto a product or service is generated with an aim of converting them into real customers. Lead generation can take many aspects, a popular aspect being that from traditional marketing. To be discussed below are some of the benefits of using lead generation by traditional marketing:

Benefits Of Lead Generation By Traditional Marketing

Capture A Specific Audience

Traditional marketing techniques have been efficient for the past years. The designers of such techniques were at their best while doing that. This is to mean that, even now, traditional marketing such as TV ads are still a viable means of advertising. If a lead is generated from such medium, there are greater chances of getting improved sales.

Response Is Guaranteed

Another benefit of getting leads by traditional marketing is that it guarantees a business response from their potential customers. A good company offering lead generation can actually guarantee response from the given leads.

Easy To Handle

Leads from traditional marketing are quite easy to handle and make sales out of them. This is because traditional marketing itself already filters the targeted consumer base and the work left of converting leads into sales is quite simple.


If you get quality leads from a traditional marketing strategy, you will probably be considered trustworthy. This is because there is a general perception that traditional marketing is more credible.

Less Crowded

Another benefit is that the field of traditional marketing is not crowded as more and more marketers are shifting to online marketing. Therefore, you get less competition in getting leads.

The benefits stated above, will all result into improving the sales volume of a company using leads from traditional marketing. It is therefore important for business to take advantage of this and make their businesses grow to higher levels through sales from leads generated by traditional marketing.


Lead Generation By Direct Marketing

Lead generation is the process in which consumer’s interest on a product or service of a business is generated. Once the interest has been generated, the lead can be converted into sales for a business. Every business needs to embrace lead generation so as to improve their sales. Getting leads from direct marketing is one of the most effective ways of improving business sales. Here below are the reasons why it is among the most effective ways of generating sales.

Benefits Of Lead Generation By Direct Marketing

Results Can Be Measured Directly

The benefit that marketers enjoy while using direct marketing is that they are able to get direct response from potential customers. For example, if a marketer decides to send 100 solicitation mails and get even 10 potential clients to respond to that specific promotion, they will be able to measure the percentage of those who are interested in the product.

More Appealing To Clients

Direct marketing is one the most appealing techniques of marketing and therefore leads from direct marketing can also be said to be appealing and the prospects of getting sales out of it is high. This is because direct marketing has a personal effect to the potential customers.

Targets A Specific Client Base

Direct marketing is very flexible and it allows for a marketer to target a specific client base so as to increase the chances of getting more sales from a preferred demographic location.

Cost Effective

Direct marketing is relatively a cost effective method of generating leads. There are medium such as email that allows marketers to contact clients at very low rates.

Instant Response

One of benefits of getting leads from direct marketing is that it allows for clients respond to the promotion instantly and also get response of their questions from marketers at instant. This creates a good relationship between the business representative-the marketer- and the potential customer.

All the above benefits are anchored under the umbrella of getting more sales. Therefore it can be said that lead generation from direct marketing improve sales of a business.


Lead Generation By Online Marketing

Lead generation by online marketing is one of the most effective ways of improving sales of a business. It involves stimulating and capturing interest of a product or service by consumers. There are many ways in which a person can get leads. The most effective way of getting leads is through the use of online platform. There are many benefits of using online marketing to generate leads. Here below are the benefits of lead generation by online marketing.

Benefits Of Lead Generation By Online Marketing

Converts your Visitors into Customers

The main benefit of lead generation by online marketing is that it converts your visitors into customers. This is beneficial since there will be a major boost in the sales made by a business.

Targets Specific Clients in their Demographic Areas

Companies offering lead generation by online marketing give the business a chance to select the target market in which a business prefers. Therefore, you get to have a clientele list drawn from your preferred area.

You pay per Lead Received

It is very cost effective since you get to pay only for the leads you receive. It is beneficial since you can actually get profit from that specific lead that you pay for. It increases the Return on Investment.

Control the Number of Leads you want per Month

There is also the benefit of having to budget for what you can afford. Despite paying for the leads you get, you can also control the number of leads you want to get per month and hence make appropriate budgeting.

Cost Effective

If you compare lead generation by online marketing and other sources such as traditional marketing, it is evident that online marketing is quite cheaper and hence cost effective.

It is evident from above that lead generation by online marketing is the most efficient way of getting quality leads that can be easily converted to sales.